Digital payments for vending


Designed to be fast, intuitive and secure, OPTO is a digital contactless payment solution invented by a team of scientists and engineers to simplify life in vending. The connection with the vending machine is established automatically without NFC or QR codes, but using a patented technology based on the light of the phones’ screen.

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Product: OPTO PIT reader
Protocols: MDB Slave
Audit: Sales and cash data available on OPTO Portal
Configuring tools: P6000, PayTools (together with BT6002 or cable) and PC
Diagnostics: System status via LED messages on the reader
Updating tool: Tramite SIB
Cashless main functionalities:
100 prices/discounts, 4 special discount levels, user groups, time bands, free vends, free credits, fidelity function, black list, key code conversion
Autoprogramming of PIT keys

The solution consists of three elements


The first is the OPTO reader, a small device equipped with MDB protocol, which integrates an optical sensor and a Bluetooth module enabling connection with the user’s smartphone. The OPTO reader does not require any modem or SIM card, which reduces costs and simplifies installation/operation. In its current version (OPTO-PIT), the reader also integrates a traditional “key” system, whose functioning is fully separated from the digital solution.
When connected to a CAIMAN unit, the OPTO reader combines all the functions of the CAIMAN line with the advantages and the potentials of the digital platform.


The OPTO App – available for free for Android and iOS smartphones – enables payment with any vending machine equipped withan OPTO reader, independently from the vending operator or national borders.
The smartphone connects to the reader through a sequence of colors from the phone screen.
Top-ups can be done with cash or credit cards.


The OPTO Portal (server or backend), containing all data and critical info, is housed in secure and certified data centers. The server controls cash flows with a certified external bank, an E-money issuer authorized to operate throughout the European Union. The vending operator can connect to the OPTO Portal to have complete view and control over the situation of his/her Vending Machines and order transfer of funds from his E-Money Account to his ordinary bank account.

Why use Opto


Patented technology for color-coded transmission through the phone’s screen

• Data and credits safely protected on the Cloud

• Banking payments flow through authorized channels


Fast connection, credit available in a few seconds

Simple and intuitive for consumers

• Top-ups with bank cards and cash

Online receipt available


• Easy to install

• No modem nor SIM card required

• Compatible with any vending machine and/or master payment system

• Integrated Paytec key reader


• Compliant with European regulations on payments and privacy (PSD2, GDPR)

• Supports marketing and loyalty solutions

• Can be integrated with emerging payment schemes and solutions