Paying for your coffee at the office with a credit card?

Paying for your coffee at the office with a credit card?

With version 3.0 of Caiman EXE now you can, without fearing bank commissions.

Paytec has developed a firmware update of its Master Caiman EXE unit to improve its performance and simplify the daily use of its payment systems. This revision (Caiman 3.0) is the result of precise marketing choices intended both to facilitate the work of the Operator and to improve the end user experience.

The new version of the Caiman EXE master unit adds, to the simple payment of a drink by credit card, also the recharge between cashless, that is the possibility to recharge the key directly from a credit card, with the same ease and speed of recharging with cash.

By simply placing the credit card on the reader, a credit is transferred to the key for an amount pre-established by the Operator, for example € 5 or € 10.

If on the one hand the use of cash is constantly decreasing, on the other hand the end user is still reluctant to use his credit card to pay for a coffee or a snack. At the same time, the Operator finds himself incurring relatively high fees for small card transactions.

Much more convenient thus to make a single recharge maybe weekly and continuing to pay for the drinks with the convenience of the usual key.

Caiman EXE can be combined with the Vendotek credit card reader, but also with other card readers and in prospect even with meal voucher readers, to transfer the value of the meal voucher directly to the key.

Paytec thus proves once again the right choice for those who want to guarantee maximum flexibility in the future.