Use your smartphone
as a palmtop programmer


Manage and control your VMs remotely


PayTools is a free Android application for a more convenient and comfortable management of VMs. With PayTools, the refiller’s and the technician’s smartphones turn into palmtop programmers, enabling them to establish a Bluetooth connection and collect Audit data from Paytec systems or from the most common models by other manufacturers.
PayTools also allows a rapid and complete programming of Paytec products, both following the logic of “classic” programmers like P3000 and P6000, and through intuitive configuration pages specially developed for palmtop devices of different sizes.

You can already download PayTools from Google Play.


PayCloud makes it possible for operators to manage and update their VMs similarly to telemetry solutions, without having to bear the same costs and investment burdens. As a matter of fact, Audit and configuration files from payment systems are always available with PayCloud for later analysis or, in the case of configuration files, for later editing and reloading on the payment system.
Whenever the refiller visits a location, he can read and synchronize the files with PayTools and avoid an expensive intervention by a technician. Configuration and Audit files are safely stored in the Cloud, which eliminates the chance of errors and always gives a view of the situation on the field without having to connect all VMs remotely. Online on-demand: only connected when necessary!

Paytec commercial staff is at your disposal for any further information or for a practical demonstration of PayCloud. Please, contact us!