The CV2406 coin validator is known for its reliability and accuracy in coin discrimination.
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Product: coin validator CV2406
Protocols: Standard parallel 12/24 VDC
Audit: N/A
Configuring tools: DIP switches or Configurator (PC software)
Diagnostic tools: Paytec Configurator (PC software)
Updating tool: CV2406 must be sent to Paytec for updating
Main functionalities:
24 coin channels with 6 exits open collector
Adaptor available (optional) to reach the dimensions of a changegiver

The device is versatile, working with 12V and 24V.
It has 24 standard programmable channels and can be easily configured via Configurator and DIP switches. Coins and tokens can be programmed without the need for additional tools.
If required, the product is available with a case adaptor, in order to be installed on any vending machine.

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