With the changegiver EAGLE2, Paytec offers vending operators not only a leading device for cash management, but also a full-fledge technology platform to integrate a wide variety of payment systems.

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    The changegiver EAGLE2 relies on Paytec consolidated experience in coin recognition. The product is based on inductive technology to assure full operability also in difficult or dirty conditions.

    It offers a wide range of coin configurations to guarantee maximum flexibility in change management. Tube management is controlled by algorithms that continuously optimize change in order to extend sales availability. Both the coin box and the coin tubes can be easily replaced.

    EAGLE2 is designed to manage an integrated cashless system, by simply connecting a Caiman reader. Other MDB devices can also be connected (eg credit card reader, payment app) to increase the offer of payment types.

    The standard displayon the changegiver makes setting and diagnostic tasks easier. An optional key lock for the tube box allows a higher level of security, supported in any case by sensors for detecting the opening of the box, even when the changegiver is turned off.

    Product: Changegiver EAGLE2 with 6 tubes

    Protocol: Executive, MDB Master, MDB Slave

    Audit: Standard EVA-DTS format and extended audit, available with PayTools/PayCloud, via BT6002, from the integrated IrDA port via palmtop, or directly with PC via serial port

    Configuration: With PayTools App via BT6002 or USB cable, via P6000, Configurator software on PC, Data Key/Card

    Diagnostics: With PayTools App via BT6002 or USB cable, via P6000 (sensors only), Configurator software on PC

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    • Ready to control a Paytec cashless unit and double cashless MDB
    • 100 prices/discounts, list 10/100 prices for cashless MDB 1 and 2
    • “Selection first” mode available for credit card
    • Sales notifications cash/cashless
    • Removable coin box, sensor detecting when the selector or the coin box is removed, coin box security lock (optional)
    • Backlit display for diagnostics and configuration
    • 30 coin channels
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