The recharging station developed by Paytec is available for keys with PIT technology as well as for keys and supports with Mifare® technology.
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Product: Keycharger for PIT keys and Mifare® keys/cards
Audit: Standard EVA-DTS and extended formats. It can be collected via IrDA or with Data Key/Card
Updating tool: SIB
Main functionalities:
Vandalism-proved, painted, stainless steel structure
Anti-theft lock with safety bars
Anti-fishing coin inserting system
Bill acceptor with maximum capacity of 300 bills
Coin acceptor
50-mm thermal printer
6-digit backlit display
Pedestal optional

Thanks to its vandalism-proved structure and the safety lock, this solution fits well in locations where cash management can become problematic and costly.

Paytec Keycharger offers the possibility to load credit on Paytec keys with coins and banknotes, concentrating cash in positions well protected by vandalism and robbery attempts, and making cash collection easier.
Transaction data can be retrieved with a paper ticket, which reports all transactions that took place during the time period. Audit data can be retrieved with IrDA palmtops or with the Data Key, and are available in both standard EVA-DTS and extended versions.

Paytec Keycharger can be wall-mounted or free-standing with a dedicated pedestal.
A version with credit-card reader (MDB) is also available to increase recharging options.

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