Mifare® Keys/Cards

The Mifare® technology platform has been integrated and adapted by Paytec based on the specific requirements of the vending industry
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Product: RFID keys, cards and adhesive tags with Classic Mifare® technology
Key types: Key1, Key98
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Security: PIN-protected and 16-bit CRC, 7-byte password
Other: Multi-application (MAD standard) with 3 client sectors on the keys

The main benefit of such technology lies in its multi-application design: it is possible to use the same Mifare® support as a means of payment in vending, for applications like access control and time & attendance, or as an electronic purse for canteens and cafeterias managed by other operators.

By using the dedicated License Programmer, it is possible to buy and write the application developed by Paytec on the Mifare® media already in the client’s hands (cards, key holders, …). This flexibility allows vending operators to integrate themselves seamlessly and rapidly in existing locations.

Mifare® keys by Paytec can be distinguished from PIT keys by the serial number laser-printed on the stem (the serial number of MIFARE keys will be marked with a final “M”), while the cap is available in the same colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black, transparent and orange.

As for PIT keys, it is possible to customize the label with a different logo (operator or final client). Configuration can be performed with Caiman Mifare® programmer.

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