VENDOTEK Card Reader

The VENDOTEK Card Reader is a POS terminal, specifically designed for the vending sector. Its robust and compact design allows its use in difficult environments, even outdoor.
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Product: Vendotek contactless payment terminal T2143 (EMVCo and MIFARE®) – Includes 2G/3G modem and SIM card.
Protocols: MDB, pulse, parallel
Audit: standard EVA-DTS format. It can be collected through DEX/DDCMP/MDB ports or remotely (via 3G)
Configuring tools: remotely via Operator Portal
Diagnostic tool: remotely via Operator Portal
Updating tool: remotely via Operator Portal
Main functionalities:
Accepts the main bank cards of the VISA and MasterCard networks – Accepts and completes payments in EUR, GBP, CHF, DKR, SKR, PLN, CZK and HUF
Weekly/monthly settlement to operator bank account – Shows images and videos from remote upload

VENDOTEK Card Reader operates in contactless mode by accepting most credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro PayPass, as well as several mobile solutions like ApplePay, GooglePay or SamsungPay.

The reader can be easily installed (one cable and four bolts), and supports MDB1 (“credit first”) and MDB3 (“selection first”). It can operate indifferently as cashless #1 or #2 and allows Audit data reading through cable or remotely.

Its integrated display enables an immediate user interaction, as well as customized contents through images or videos to be programmed and uploaded remotely.

The Operator Portal allows monitoring all transactions that take place through the terminal and can be integrated in the company’s ERP systems.

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