Smart & Clean

Smart & Clean

To dispose of your cup and stirrer after drinking coffee is a gesture of common sense, of courtesy. But it can also become a resource, for the end user and for the operator.

Vending machines are increasingly put aside systems for the recycling and compaction of plastic, with the immediate advantage of reducing volumes and therefore costs associated with the logistics of waste.

The new smart technologies of automatic distribution allow to reward and incentivize the eco-virtuous consumer in a concrete way. We’re talking about reverse vending: a process that allows you to receive credit in exchange for something inserted in a shredder, like for example a coffee cup, a bottle of PET, …

Paytec’s cashless payment systems Caiman and Eagle are designed to interface the vending machine with the recycling machine and recognize a credit by charging an amount on the key for each cup that is correctly disposed of.

According to the context of the installation, the operator can set the interface to allow the bonus to be credited only for waste coming from the same location or establish a maximum number of credits that can be recognized in one day.

The credited amount can be subsequently used for the purchase of a new product, creating a short chain of recycle with immediate benefits for the environment, the operator and the consumer.