With OPTO, also vending machines return to school.

With OPTO, also vending machines return to school.

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With OPTO, also vending machines return to school.

Schools are finally welcoming their students again. And it is hoped that also the vending machines in schools will restart, as they represent an important share of the vending market.

Last September, several institutions preferred to prevent or limit access to vending machines for fear of contagion. Now, however, you can overcome all the fears of principals and parents by offering a break in complete safety thanks to OPTO.

OPTO is in fact completely contactless: product selection and payment take place with just a few clicks on your mobile phone, without ever touching the keyboard of the machine itself, guaranteeing hygienic safety at every stage of the purchase.

Recharging the purse with a credit card is immediate and can also be done from home, without need to be connected to the dispenser: students do not have to bring money to school, nor know their parents’ credit card codes.

The table with ingredients and nutritional values can also be consulted when the app is offline. This makes it easy to choose the healthiest products or to recognize those that contain allergens.

OPTO works on all models of vending machines: a single app for a bottle of water, a coffee or a snack. And with the management of favorite products and many promotion options, you can easily stimulate the desire to buy.

OPTO is the app that makes you sell more, even at school!


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