A Success Story: the partnership between Paytec and Za.Va. srl

Za.Va srl: the customer
Paytec’s co-protagonist in this story is an important Italian operator of vending machines from Lonato del Garda (Brescia), with operational headquarters in Castiglione delle Stiviere, in the province of Mantua. The company manages over 6000 vending machines, spread over an area that extends between the cities and provinces of Brescia, Bergamo, Cremona, Mantua and Verona.

Why Za.Va. chose Paytec
When we asked them, the people at Za.Va told us that the quality that most of all characterizes them with customers is the high quality of the service, which is one of the cornerstones on which they built the company’s reputation. An incorrect price, a machine that does not give the correct change are small inconveniences that happen but which, if neglected, can initiate a series of not indifferent complications.

Za.Va. explains that, since they implemented PayTools, Paytec’s app for managing payment systems, the impact of these small but boring troubles has been significantly reduced.

What is PayTools
PayTools was born as an app that transforms the smartphone into a portable programmer, to intuitively manage all the main programming and diagnostic functions of the payment systems.

The first programming of the systems typically takes place in the office, where the technicians use Paytec’s software PC Configurator, and then transfer the configuration to all systems with a simple “copy and paste”: a considerable time saving, with the certainty of not introducing errors.

Once the systems have been installed, the colleagues that work on the field use the app PayTools on their smartphone  to check and possibly change the configuration directly on site, make diagnostics and much more.

The advantages of programming vending machines from a mobile phone
“The use of the mobile phone for programming is a fundamental plus for us”, explains the technical assistance team of Za.Va.

“Traditional programmers can be forgotten, broken or be in need of updates, while the phone is always ready and at hand. To connect, you can use Bluetooth or a USB cable. Even a less experienced colleague learns how to use the app in a few moments, and if he is faced with an unexpected situation, we connect with Teamviewer and support him as if we were there. “

PayCloud: from smartphone to vending machine automation
PayTools reaches its maximum potential when the app is used in combination with the platform PayCloud: in this case the configuration files are transferred directly from the PC to the Cloud.

When the technician is in front of the vending machine, by connecting his smartphone to the machine, the app will indicate that a new version of the configuration is present. In a few moments the payment system will be updated, without the need for other interventions and without the risk of errors.

It is also possible to download and send the audit files in EVA-DTS format. All configurations and audit files are stored securely, eliminating the risk of errors and always ensuring maximum visibility on your vending machines in a similar way to telemetry solutions, but without being forced to remotely connect all vending machines and incur typical costs of this type of service.

PayTools for vending machine diagnostics
PayTools is also a very convenient functional diagnostic tool of the system and of the coins, which allows you to know, for example, which parameter caused the rejection of a coin.

The “tubes control” section, on the other hand, allows you to see the number of coins present in each tube with the relative value, for single tube and overall for the entire box.

The latest release of PayTools now also allows the management of Black Lists, by quickly loading the numbers of the keys to be blocked, as well as the direct update of the firmware of OPTO, the Paytec app for making purchases at the vending machine by paying and selecting the product without touching the machine.

PayTools support and compatibility
As in all software of Paytec, tutorials are available in different languages, directly accessible from the program itself, to respond immediately to the most common doubts.
If, on the other hand, more specific help is needed, the downloaded files can be shared with Paytec’s customer service practically in real time, to verify the correct configuration of the systems directly in the field.

PayTools works with all major Paytec payment systems such as change givers Eagle and Four , the Caiman and Opto cashless product lines, as well as Giody systems .

Why PayTools
With PayTools Paytec ‘s focus shifts towards the 360° supply of payment solutions for vending machines, which allow greater efficiency in the management not only of financial transactions, but of the entire vending experience .

Paytec’s mission, in fact, also consists in facilitating the work of the technician, providing tools to optimize product rotation and in the provision of pre and post-sales services that transform the collaboration between company (Paytec) and customer (vending operator) into a true partnership, to guide the operator to make the most of his resources and opportunities.

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