Payment systems for vending are increasingly moving towards smart and digital solutions, using credit cards and apps. But the “coin” is still intrinsically linked to the essence of the vending machine. As long as cash exists, people will be happy to use it to buy coffee or a snack. Changegiver, validators and banknote readers are still the heart of Vending.

However, as you get used to fast and intuitive technology, cash systems also have to meet increasingly stringent requirements in terms of reliability and ease of use for both the consumer and the operator.

Paytec offers a complete range of cash payment solutions, characterized by a high degree of modularity, ease of maintenance and an excellent price / performance ratio.

Each choice must consider different criteria: how much to invest, where to install it, what to sell, how to control it, … Paytec can guide you through the options that lead you to the best fit for your specific location today, keeping an eye on what you may need tomorrow. If you are not sure which system is best for you, contact us!

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