Digital Payment Systems

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to face the new challenges of Vending

Cash management is becoming increasingly complex and expensive.
Consumers have fewer coins in their pockets and many want to be able to shop with payment methods used in other contexts.
Everything speaks in favor of electronic payment solutions, even in Vending, a world of microtransactions that until now has seen cash play a dominant role.
Where to start?

Faced with this path which is now marked, the manager finds a myriad of available solutions that vary widely in functionality, safety, ease of use and costs.

Being able to make choices requires not only technological skills, but above all a deep knowledge of consumers and of the locations in which you want to go to operate.

There are no better solutions “ever”, but more elements that help the manager to embark on a path towards a progressive reduction of cash and the problems it causes. There is not just one way to retain consumers, but numerous approaches and tools that allow you to increase the average purchase amount and the frequency of use of distributors.

Paytec wants to assist the manager in the exploration of the path and in the definition of his plan, as well as in the choice and deployment of the most suitable tools.

Let’s start with a brief comparison between two of the most popular digital payment systems in recent times: the CREDIT CARD READER and the APP ON SMARTPHONE.


Credit card reader
  • fast and universal
  • immediately operational
  • ideal for a transient audience
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Fast and universal

In public or semi-public locations, with occasional customers and high traffic – airports, stations, automatic shops, but also swimming pools, hospitals, universities, etc. – the choice of a fast and universal electronic payment tool is fundamental: the gesture of approaching a card or a mobile tool (telephone, smartwatch …) to pay is now widespread.

Immediately operational

The VENDOTEK card reader can be a valid ally for accepting payments from non-recurring consumers. The device operates in “contactless” mode, accepting the main payment cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, as well as mobile solutions such as ApplePay, GooglePay or SamsungPay.
The offer has been formulated to allow the operator to operate immediately thanks to an easy installation, a pre-installed SIM card and a standard, already negotiated and quickly activated banking contract..

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Allow immediate and impulsive purchases. Offer an easy way to reload a key and reduce cash flow. And stay in control via the dedicated Portal.


App on Smartphone
  • gradual transition from cash to cashless
  • increase user loyalty
  • ideal for a recurring audience
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Reduce cash without losing sales

For private locations or with recurring customers, it is also possible to offer payment by card combined with the use of keys, for a hybrid solution that allows totally cashless recharging and a drastic reduction in cash.

In private contexts where the use of keys is instead problematic, for example due to the high turnover of employees, the introduction of a payment APP such as OPTO is often a winning solution. OPTO can complement or even replace the use of the key in a safe and economical way.

Retain users to increase sales

As a digital payment tool, the solution not only allows a significant reduction in cash, but also opens up to the operator a world of new features and high value-added services: user profiling, direct communication with them, real-time information on the status of distributors etc. All this with an extremely simple and efficient tool.

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See how easy it is to shop anywhere, top up your purse, select the product without touching the machine keyboard and consult the nutritional info.

Every location has distinct features and requires a well-targeted approach.

Paytec offers a particularly wide range of solutions and wants to be at the side of the operator in choosing and implementing the most suitable digital tools to achieve his objectives.