With over forty years of history and experience, Paytec is one of the most established companies in the field of payment systems. We offer a complete range of solutions that continuously benefit from innovations, especially in the area of digital technologies. At the same time, we aim at maintaining direct control over all value adding activities, like design, development, manufacturing and product support.
We rely on an R&D department with solid competences on relevant technologies, able to develop and maintain the entire product and service range, while the Customer Service department completes directly all activities related to maintenance and update of our products.
The company is managed following the logic of Lean Management, always looking for simple and effective solutions in any circumstances. To ensure high quality standards and guarantee speed and flexibility, we buy nearly 80% of our components from Italy-based suppliers, and maintain the production and testing activities in-house.

We still offer quality and style in the true tradition of the “Made in Italy” trade mark.



Knowing market, technologies and processes enables us to take the right



Search and experiment new solutions to innovate and get innovated.


Transfer our ideas
in a useful and effective way.


Share past and future to become today a united and winning team.


We do everything to support the operators’ business and allow them to operate professionally, efficiently and without concerns.
This is why the value Paytec wants to offer does not end with the delivery of the product:

  • we offer our help in choosing the most suitable solutions and configurations for the client’s activity and objectives.
  • we plan and execute the first installations together with the customer’s technicians.
  • we organize technical training dedicated to the programming,  maintenance and diagnostics of Paytec systems.
  • we provide a tailored telephone or videoconference assistance to analyze and identify solutions to compatibility problems or a malfunctioning.
  • we collect ideas, suggestions and recommendations on how to continuously improve our offer.

We are convinced that the new digital technologies in Vending represent a great opportunity for the sector. In the past few years, Paytec has been investing money and efforts to offer operators the opportunity to innovate and stand out in a more and more competitive market.


We constantly pay close attention to the quality of our products and processes.

Paytec follows ISO9001 directives with the utmost care and regularly passes the assessments by the certification bodies.


Declaration of Conformity to RoHS

CSQ Certification

IQNET Certification