Keys, cards, telephones – today there are many ways to pay without cash and even without contact.

The traditional keyis still unbeatable from the point of view of practicality and immediacy: it does not need anything else, it is not bound by network coverage or the use of the mobile phone which in some environments can be problematic.

Even the bank cardis ready to use and allows an almost “impulsive” use, not having to download or top up anything.

The payment apps, on the other hand, offer the great advantage of allowing you to build loyalty and engagement with the customer.

The ideal application often depends on the location and context in which it is found. Whatever you choose, safety, ease of use and convenience will never be optional!

Paytec offers a complete range of cashless and contactless payment solutions, characterized by high security standards, high modularity, ease of maintenance and excellent price/performance ratio.

Each choice must consider different criteria: how much to invest, where to install it, what to sell, how to control it, … Paytec can guide you through the options that lead you to the best fit for your specific location today, keeping an eye on what you may need tomorrow. If you are not sure which system is best for you, contact us!

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