Guide to Choosing your Vending Key – Part 2

Euro 1, Type 98 or Self-programmable?

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PIT and Mifare® keys offered by Paytec are available in different variants: Euro 1, Type 1, Euro 98, Type 98 and even a self-programmable version for PIT keys.

Not infrequently, operators ask us “what is best”. As often happens, the answer depends on your needs and the context in which you work. Let’s see what the differences are between the various versions and how they are used.


Euro or Tipo?

Let’s start with a very simple distinction: the choice between Euro 1 or Type 1, and Euro 98 or Type 98, depends solely on the currency with which you intend to use the key. The Euro 1 and Euro 98 keys are designed to be used with Euro currency, while the Type 1 and Type 98 are intended for other currencies used around the world. To simplify, in this article we mainly refer to the “Euro” model, but the same functions are available for the “Type” model.


1 or 98?

The distinction between “1” and “98” is only apparently more complex. Euro 1 and Type 1 keys are the older version, developed by Paytec in the 1990s. During the 2000s, these keys were significantly improved to include new market-demanded functions and to increase security levels. After this re-engineering process, they were renamed Euro 98 and Tipo 98.

These four types are available for both PIT technology and the Mifare® platform.


All the flexibility of the self-programmable key

PIT keys, based on Paytec’s proprietary technology, can also be ordered in an self-programmable version. In this mode, the first time the user inserts the key into the reader, the key is automatically programmed based on the codes provided in this reader. If the key reader is configured in Euro 98 mode, the key will automatically acquire this configuration, so key type 98 along with the security codes programmed into the reader. This automatic programming process is very fast and completely imperceptible to the user.

For the operators, the use of self-programmable keys brings a significant advantage, especially if they have several locations with readers configured in different ways. They can thus keep a single type of keys in stock without the risk of errors when distributing them to their users.

The self-programmable function is available on all Paytec key readers starting from the Oscar series, i.e. from around 2008, and is usually already active when the reader is delivered.

Another noteworthy aspect is the maximum flexibility offered by self-programmable PIT keys. If a key was previously programmed for Euro 1 mode and you now want to use the same key with a 98 coding, you can set the payment system to convert it from 1 to 98, without any inconvenience to the user. Alternatively, you can use the CAIMAN programmer to reset the key as “self-programmable”, practically as good as new, allowing you to start the process from scratch.


Identified keys 98: an additional service by Paytec

In addition to the basic configuration codes (manager code, location code, pin 1 and pin 2), other functions related to bonuses can also be programmed on the key: Free Vend, Free Credit, special discounts,… (These functions will be covered in detail in a forthcoming article.)

These functions cannot be acquired automatically but are subject to additional programming using the Caiman Programmer.

The operator can do it independently with a very simple and fast operation, or he can purchase the keys 98 from Paytec already coded according to his specific needs for each individual function, ready for use. These keys can be identified via a unique user code which can also be laser engraved on the key stick itself, for ultra-personalised management of the supports.

Whatever type you choose, PIT and Mifare® keys provide operators with practicality, convenience and endless sales opportunities. If you need personalized advice to make the right choice, do not hesitate to contact Paytec’s customer service.

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