BT6002 + CABLE 6000

Cod: AU000BT6002

BT6002 is a portable accessory that allows you to establish Bluetooth communication with payment systems.

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    In this way the Bluetooth terminals (PDAs, tablets, smartphones, PCs …) can be connected without having to resort to wiring that complicates the work of the operators. BT6002 is powered directly by the payment system and does not require additional adapters. It is a practical portable tool that accompanies the operator in his daily activity.
    Used with PayTools, it turns into an irreplaceable workmate.

    COMPATIBILITÀ tutti i sistemi Paytec
    GESTIONE locale/remoto
    ACCESSORI PC o Dispositivo mobile Android
    SOFTWARE PayTools (*)/PC Configurator/PayCloud (per collegamento remote)

    (*) Non abilitato per la trasmissione di corrispettivi a ADE

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