Cod: CF701EU8070

The Caiman Lite EXE cashless range is recognized by the market for its compactness and practicality in both use and installation.

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    The Caiman Lite range is known in the market for its compactness and simplicity, both in installation and use.

    The system operates in Price Holding mode with 100 prices but can also delegate price management to the vending machine. It is possible to connect a coin validator in impulsive mode.

    Beyond the classic management of credit on the keys, various functionalities available on the Caiman system include price and discount management, definition of specific time bands, free vends and free credits, development of fidelity systems, and management of a black list for lost keys or to avoid improper usage.

    Caiman Lite is available in a version for reading/writing Paytec PIT keys and in a version suitable for reading/writing Mifare® media.

    Product: CAIMAN LITE EXE reader for Mifare® keys or cards

    Protocol: Executive

    Audit: EVA-DTS standard format and extended audit, downloadable via IrDA (optional external module), BT6002, Data Key/Card, PayTools / PayCloud, PC

    Configuration: With PayTools App via BT6002 or USB cable, via P6000, Configurator software on PC, Data Key/Card

    Diagnostics: System status visible via LED on the key reader

    Aggiornamento: SIB

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