Cod: JF084EU000M

The new coin validator FOX MDB model has been specifically developed to work in MDB, and is compatible with any master available on the market.

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    The coin validator FOX MDB stands out for its reliability and accuracy in coin discrimination.

    Anti-retrieval and anti-jamming solutions make the system extremely safe. Coins and tokens can be programmed via DIP switches, without the need for additional tools. The system is designed to be installed inside all vending machines.

    Equipped with advanced recognition technology, it also has a self-learning function that allows you to program other coins or tokens. Self-diagnostics ensure the highest levels of performance even at a high processing speed.

    Product: Coin validator CV3516

    Protocol: MDB

    Configuration: DIP switch

    Diagnostics: On board

    Aggiornamento: At Paytec's


    • 32 active channels
    • 2 channels dedicated to tokens
    • 16 DIP switches for coin blocking
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