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GIODY is a very special position in Paytec product range, due to its originality and exclusivity.
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Product: Giody GF8900 coin validator with integrated reader for PIT keys
Protocols: Executive, MDB Slave
Audit: Standard EVA-DTS and extended formats. It can be collected via IrDA (embedded on faceplate), with Data Key, PayTools/PayCloud and PC
Configuring tools: P6000, Data Key, PayTools (with BT6002 or cable) and PC
Diagnostic tools: Paytec Configurator (PC software) or APP PayTools (with BT6002 or cable)
Updating tool: SIB
Main functionalities:
30 coin channels
Bill acceptor can be connected in parallel mode
100 prices/discounts, 4 special discount levels (10 prices)
User groups, time bands, free vends, free credits, bonus at recharging, calendar bonus, bonus menu, fidelity function, black list, key pre-payment, key code conversion, autoprogramming of PIT keys

As a matter of fact, the Cash & Cashless system offers two integrated payment systems with a standard front plate in a single unit with the size of a standard coin validator.
With this solution there is no need to make an additional hole on the machine in order to wire two payment systems.

GIODY can be used as a coin validator/acceptor, as a cashless system with PIT technology, or as a key charger.
Apart from being designed to work with both protocols EXE and MDB, GIODY offers the opportunity to connect a bill acceptor in parallel mode.

Audit data can be retrieved with a Data Key, via the IrDA port on the faceplate or with PayTools.
System configuration takes place with dedicated PC-based software, with Paytec palmtops, a Data Key or PayTools.
GIODY is the ideal system for compact vending machines (tabletops or OCS), where both Cash & Cashless payment options should be made available to users.

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