All the advantages of the multi-application of the Mifare® platform, integrated and adapted by Paytec according to the specific needs of Vending.

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    The great advantage of the Mifare® technological platform lies in the fact that the same support can be used as a payment instrument for Vending, for applications such as access control and attendance detection, or as an electronic pursefor canteens and cafeterias managed by other operators.

    By using the dedicated License programmer, it is possible to buy and write the application developed by Paytec on the Mifare® media already in the client’s hand (cards, tags, key holders, …).

    This flexibilityallows vending operators to integrate themselves seamlessly and rapidly in existing locations.

    Mifare® keys by Paytec can be distinguished from PIT keys by the color of the stem (anthracite gray instead of black), while the cap is available in the same colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black, transparent and orange.

    A serial number is laser-printedon each key stem so that each key can be uniquely distinguished (Mifare keys can be distinguished from PIT keys for the final “M” in the serial number). Upon request, it is possible to customize the label with a different logo (operator or final client), providing additional loyalty elements.

    The programming can be done with the Caiman Mifare® programmer.

    Product: RFID-keys with technology Mifare® Classic technology

    Type: Type 98
    Frequency: 13.56MHz
    Security: 16bit PIN and CRC protection, 7 bytes password
    Other: Multi-application (MAD standard) with programming of 3 customer areas

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