Cod: VT30300T2134

The VENDOTEK Card Reader is a POS developed specifically for Vending, which is immediately operational.

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    Its robust and compact design allows its use in difficult environments, even outdoor.

    VENDOTEK Card Reader operates in contactless mode by accepting most credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro PayPass, as well as several mobile solutions like ApplePay, GooglePay or SamsungPay.

    The terminal is supplied with an integrated SIM card and with a standard banking contract, which allow to start using it right away. In case of poor connectivity, Vendotek can also be connected to the Ethernet network.

    Easy to install (one cable and four screws), the reader supports levels MDB1 (“credit first”) and MDB3 (“first selection”), operates indiscriminately as cashless #1 or #2 and allows the retrieval of audit data via cable and in telematic form.

    In combination with a CAIMAN central unit, Vendotek can also be used to load credit directly onto a traditional key, which significantly reduces the impact of bank charges.

    Its integrated display enables an immediate user interaction, as well as customized contents through images that can be programmed and uploaded remotely.

    The Operator Portal allows monitoring all transactions that take place through the terminal and can be integrated in the company’s ERP systems.

    Product: VENDOTEK CONTACTLESS PAYMENT TERMINAL T2134 (EMVCO and Mifare®) Includes 4G modem and SIM card. LAN connection available.

    Protocol: MDB

    Audit: Standard EVA-DTS format, readable through DEX/DDCMP ports or remotely (via 4G)

    Configuration: Remotely via the Operator's Portal

    Diagnostics: Remotely via the Operator's Portal

    Aggiornamento: Remotely via the Operator's Portal


    • It accepts the main contactless cards of the VISA and MasterCard circuits
    • it accepts and makes payments in EUR, GBP, CHF, DKR, SKR, PLN, CZK and HUF
    • Weekly / monthly settlement on the operator’s bank account
    • Possibility to add custom images that can be uploaded remotely
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