Paytec’s proprietary PIT contactless technology ensures maximum technical control of the solution, while at the same time guaranteeing reliability, safety and versatility.

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    With more than 15 million units sold, PIT (Programmable Identification Transponder) keys have become an indispensable element for many vending operators.
    The sales functionalities available through the keys represent an important marketing tool, not only by allowing easier payments, thus increasing sales, but also by improving clients’ loyalty through easily programmable solutions (differentiated prices, free vends, free credits, time bands, etc.)
    Paytec keys stand out for the variety of available colors and for the high level of customization. While the stem is always black, the cap is available in red, green, yellow, blue, black, transparent and orange.
    A serial number is laser-printed on each key stem so that each key can be uniquely distinguished.
    Upon request, it is possible to customize the label with a different logo (operator or final client), providing additional loyalty elements.
    Keys can be configured with Caiman PIT programmer, or directly by the payment system with the auto-programming procedure when inserting the key for the first time.

    Product: RFID keys with PIT2-technology

    Types: Auto-programmable
    Frequency: 125KHz
    Security Protection: 2 PIN codes, 7 bytes password
    Warranty: 5 Years

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