Eagle Smart

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EAGLE Smart is a brand new product developed from the technology of EAGLE. The EAGLE Smart changegiver is only equipped with protocol MDB, which simplifies its functioning and makes it the ideal solutions for those locations where the changegiver is not the master unit but a peripheral connected to a master unit or to the VM.
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Product: 6-tube EAGLE Smart changegiver
Protocols: MDB Slave
Audit: Standard EVA-DTS with hardware events. It can be collected via IrDA (IrDA module optional), with PayTools/PayCloud and PC
Configuring tools: P6000, PayTools (with BT6002 or cable) and PC
Diagnostic tools: Paytec Configurator (PC software) or APP PayTools (with BT6002 or cable)
Updating tool: SIB
Changegiver main functionalities:
30 coin channels
Coin box removable
Sensor detecting when the selector or the coin box have been removed
Coin box security lock (optional)

On the other hand, EAGLE Smart maintains all mechanical features, including a consolidated experience in coin recognition based on inductive technology to assure full operability also in difficult or dirty conditions.

It offers a wide range of coin configurations to guarantee maximum flexibility in change management. Both the coin box and the coin tubes can be easily replaced.
Tube management is controlled by algorithms that continuously optimize change in order to extend sales availability.
As a rule, Audit data are managed by the master unit, but they can be gathered locally with a number of tools.

System configuration takes place with dedicated PC-based software, with Paytec palmtops or PayTools.
A special sensor detects whenever the coin box is removed also with the changegiver OFF.
An optional lock with key increases the security of the coin box.
With EAGLE Smart, Paytec offers vending operators a special device for the management of cash, leaving audit and control functions to other systems installed in the VM.

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