The new Paytec system FOUR Premium is an integrated and low-cost solution enabling operators to progressively and efficiently meet the needs of the market.

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    FOUR Premium simplifies the operator’s job with an efficient and versatile approach.

    The control and management of the system are entrusted to the tested Caiman master unit which, in addition to directly managing the cashless part through the Caiman reader, controls the changegiver FOUR MDB-only. In this way, audit and configuration information remains stored. and available on the Caiman unit and not on the coin mechanism.

    The Caiman unit can also control other MDB peripherals (e.g. a bill acceptor, a credit card reader or payment Apps) in order to get an even more complete payment system. The Caiman reader allows quick and safe reading / writing of Paytec PIT keys.

    The FOUR MDB-only changegiver is an extremely simple solution, reliable but,most of all, convenient for coin management.

    Product: Caiman (EXE o MDB-MDB) + PIT Key reader + Changeiver FOUR MDB-ONLY with 4 tubes + MDB-cable

    Protocol: Executive, MDB Master, MDB Slave

    Audit: EVA-DTS standard format and extended audit, downloadable via IrDA (port integrated on the reader), Data Key/Card, PayTools, BT6002, PC

    Configuration: With PayTools App via BT6002 or USB cable, via P6000, Configurator software on PC, Data Key/Card

    Diagnostics: (for the changegiver ) With PayTools App via BT6002 or USB cable, via P6000 (sensors only), Configurator software on PC

    Aggiornamento: SIB

    Main functionalities changegiver:

    • Integrated display for diagnostics and configuration
    • 30 coin channels

    Main cashless functionalities:

    • Price Holding mode, management of other MDB peripherals, double cashless MDB
    • 100 prices/discounts, list 10/100 prices for cashless MDB 1 and 2
    • “Selection first” mode available for credit card
    • Direct recharge of Paytec keys from credit card reader, recharge between cashless MDB
    • Sales notifications cash/cashless
    • Management of notifications from MDB changegiver
    • Auto-programming of PIT keys
    • Recycling mode
    • 4 special discount levels (10 prices),user groups, time bands, free vends, free credits, bonus at recharging, calendar bonus, bonus menu, fidelity function, black list, key pre-payment, key code conversion
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