Apex 7000

APEX 7000 is the bill acceptor distributed by Paytec. Its reliability is witnessed by 10 years of use worldwide and granted by a constant upgrading.


The CV2406 coin validator is known for its reliability and accuracy in coin discrimination.


Paytec CV3516 coin validator relies on an innovative measuring system to ensure high coin acceptance rates and an optimum rejection of counterfeits.

Eagle Smart

EAGLE Smart is a brand new product developed from the technology of EAGLE. The EAGLE Smart changegiver is only equipped with protocol MDB, which simplifies its functioning and makes it the ideal solutions for those locations where the changegiver is not the master unit but...

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EAGLE2 changegiver relies on Paytec consolidated experience in coin recognition. The product is based on inductive technology to assure full operability also in difficult or dirty conditions.

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The FOUR changegiver offers a complete solution, ideal for locations where change availability is less critical. The product is reliable and robust, and allows a relevant optimization in terms of costs, investments, and working capital.

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Four MDB-only

FOUR MDB-only is a changegiver that has been developed to satisfy the operators’ requirements for a low-cost, convenient and reliable MDB product.

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