Added Value to your Vending Machine


V-Spot is a marketing solution proposed by Paytec for communication purposes in the vending sector.
V-Spot makes it possible to turn a Vending Machine or an Automated Retail Kiosk into a wi-fi hotspot, thus enabling consumers to access the Internet through their mobile devices.

The V-Spot solution includes a router that can be installed in a Vending Machine or a Kiosk.
The router will send a wi-fi signal (whose name can be customized by each operator) and channel data traffic to a specific Data Management Platform. Operators can control and adjust accesses and data traffic whenever they wish to, insert promotional ads and profile users, in compliance with the latest EU privacy rules.

Both router models – easy to install – can be used either when a local LAN connection is available or not. The platform is user-friendly and will permit operators to control the entire network of routers installed.

With V-Spot by Paytec, operators will be able to diversify the offer of their Vending Machines and make them more attractive to the customers and final users, by offering the most required services in order to increase data traffic and arise interest for their products.
V-Spot is also a new channel to communicate to users in a simple and immediate way, within targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.